Creating and editing posts in WordPress

Blogging is an important part of this course. Since your provocation questions are meant to provoke discussion, they need to be accessible to your classmates, and your classmates need a way to respond to them. That’s where the blog comes in. You may already be familiar with the basics of WordPress, but if you’re not, use the guide below to help you post, edit, and comment on the class blog.

  1. Log in to the blog
    Click “Blog” on the top navigation menu and then enter the course blog password in the field that appears (this is different from your WordPress login password).region_menupassword
  2. Log in to WordPress
    Click “Log In” under “Meta” on the right sidebar. Log in with your username and password (this is different from the course blog password).meta
  3. Create a new post
    Hover over “Post” in the left menu and select “New Post” from the sub-menu.new_post
  4. Write your post
    Give your post a title and then compose your post in the field below. Use the formatting options to make your post look the way you want it to. Choose a category for your posts, and add any tags you think are appropriate.new_post
  5. Publish your post
    Click the “Publish” button.
  6. Edit your post
    Click on “Post” in the left menu. Find the post you want to edit in the list of posts and hover over it. Then select “Edit.” Next, make any changes to your post that you want to and click the “Update” button.edit_post